Cylinders and CNG Tanks

Another product offered by CHEMIDA trading Company is a range of industrial and medical cylinders, available in sizes ranging from 2 to 50 liters and constructed with various materials. In addition to cylinders, CHEMIDA Trading CO. provides the following products: Car CNG gas tanks: These types one tanks have diameters ranging from 232 to 406 mm and volumes between 20 and 180 liters. CNG gas transfer tanks: Designed for mother-daughter gas supply projects, these tanks can accommodate volumes up to 180 liters. Gas storage tanks for CNG stations: These tanks have a capacity of up to 160 liters and are used for storing compressed natural gas at CNG stations. Type 2 CNG tanks: Comprising a metal core and composite fibers, these tanks are utilized in various applications. High-pressure fire-fighting tanks: These tanks are designed specifically for high-pressure fire-fighting purposes.